A great summer

We had a great summer at PlayRight with two very different summer schools and lots of driving around getting things ready for the new term

At the end of July we had our biggest summer school workshop in March and it was such a great week. We did a play over 5 days looking at modernising fairytales, which we performed for familes and friends on the Friday. My favorite, I think, was Hansel and Gretal follwing their selfies home. Then at the end of August we had a smaller 4 day workshop where we did more of a physical theatre piece. I really think that it is one of the strongest pieces of work that has come out of the holiday workshops to date. I am currently editing some raw footage, that really doesnt do it justice, but I will upload it as soon as it is edited. As well as the brillaint work from the kids, a very memorable part of the week for me was my Ice bucket challenge which the actors in the workshop took great delight in assisting with. It is posted on our Facebook page if you fancy a laugh.

As for the driving around? Well Betty (See the Facebook page!) was one of the trips and I guess the rest will become clear as the next term starts to take shape.


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